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MCC ships soap, fabric and towels to people across the world.

MCC provides soap to hospitals, orphanages and refugee camps in countries where soap is expensive or difficult to obtain locally. People in countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Haiti, Nicaragua, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine have received soap from MCC.

Bolts of new cloth are frequently requested where fabric is expensive or hard to obtain. These bolts are often used to sew clothing for children. Recipients can also use full pieces of at least 2 yards / 1.8m long for quilt and comforter pieces.

The versatility of towels makes them a frequently requested item. People in such places as Bosnia, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, Serbia and Ukraine have received towels from MCC.

Soap specifications

  • New bars of soap
    • All sizes and kinds of soap are acceptable. Please leave the wrappers on.
  • Homemade laundry soap
    • Soap blocks about 2in x 4in / 5cm x 10cm (should be dry before delivering to a material resource center)

Fabric specifications

  • Suggested fabrics include twill, cotton, cotton blends, wool and corduroy.
  • Print, plaid or solid are all acceptable.
  • Please no 100% polyester.

Towel specifications

  • NEW bath and hand towels (Good quality, dark-colored, medium weight preferred)
  • Note: Fingertip towels and washcloths are not needed.

Drop off soap, fabric or towels at Material Resource Center of Harleysville.

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